Friday, October 1, 2010

Pictures - children's artwork makes me smile

As mentioned in my last post my daughter loves to draw and paint, so much so that she is now bringing home about ten pictures a day on her kinda days. At home when her brother is having his daytime sleep she immediately wants to get her crayons, paint and craft things out, a lot of fun.

At first as the very proud Mum I kept all her pictures and still keep a lot, but have had to come up with ways of displaying, storing or using them for something else. Especially now as my two year old boy has started getting in on the act bringing home his own pictures from day care.

My daughter and I put together a display folder for her prize pictures, others we put on her bedroom wall and rotate, we have framed a couple, done paintings on canvas, use older paintings as wrapping paper and take photos of others before they get recycled.

Ideas for home creativity - we make things to decorate her room, or birthday cards for people. And more recently she draws and paints online with sites like ABC Playground.

I have to say though even though we receive so many pictures, I still take time to study every one, they make me smile.

Each day throughout the month of October, I will be taking photos of things that make me smile as part of the
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  1. Hi, love the artwork and only wish that I was as creative.

    Re the elves, details are as follows:

    They are handcrafted on an old treadle machine, and are made from velvet and cotton fabrics and have button-jointed arms. There are 3 sizes:

    Large 92 cms tall 33 euros
    Medium 65 cms tall 30 euros
    Small 50 cms tall 26 euros

    We post to Australia and already have a lot of customers in Australia. The lady that makes them is closing her books for 2010 in 2 weeks as she already has a lot of orders from trade fairs etc in Europe.

    If you have any questions re the above, please ask :-)

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x

  2. I love chidren's artwork. Your's sound very creative.

  3. The folder idea for your daughter's artwork is a great idea. I've got piles waiting to go into a scrapbook or folder or frames.. never enough time! Rachaelxx


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