Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back of house - brick to weatherboard extension - take 1

Before the rear extension was built we had a brick house but had discovered early on that there was weatherboard underneath, so with the new build we decided to go with weatherboard to bring the house back to original character.

The rear extension consists of extra family living space (where the deck in the picture above was) and then next to this an extension out of two bedrooms, family bathroom and new laundry (the small window to the right of the deck was our laundry, now a bedroom).

Now I say take one as there are still plenty more photos of the back in a more final state (with rubbish removed), plus we are looking at putting in the wrap around deck in the next few weeks, with an alfresco dining area in the rubble spot in the picture above.

I will also show photos soon looking from the back of the house out to the garden.

So stay tuned for take two and more photos.

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  1. Wow a great renovation is happening, I look forward to the next instalment. Mimi xx


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