Sunday, October 17, 2010

We have a build date!

Yes we have finally had a build date confirmed - Monday 25 October. So in just over a week we are going to be watching builders demolish our one and only bathroom to make it into an en-suite and walk in robe.

I am very excited but at the same time wonder how quickly this will wear off, with Hubby and I having to sleep in the lounge, all of us having to go to friends houses for showers (at least we still have a toilet) and having builders in the house from 7ish in the morning on a almost daily basis for about a month.

After that month the builders will break for Christmas and we can move back into our bedroom to get the rest of the house ready for the rear extension build which will start mid January.

So it is all happening. And in what is fairly normal at this time of year it is really busy in most other parts of our lives too, hence I am getting a bit behind with Blogtoberfest.

We have both been relatively busy at work (it has started to slow down for me though), had regular interstate visitors from our home town of Adelaide (which I do love), catching up with other Melbourne friends, the parties have already started for the many birthdays we have over the next few months and booking in the Christmas ones and last but by no means least the mayhem and fun of two small children........breath!

I sometimes wish that I could collapse among my favorite things like my little boy does when he has had enough.

I know we will get there but I must say I am hanging out for Christmas when we will have a break in Adelaide, doing a house swap with friends. I think we got the better end of the deal as they have a beautiful finished home with a pool! The thought of this keeps me going.


  1. Exciting and hectic times, but great to have the renos all happening. Hope it all goes smoothly. Look forward to some updates.
    Rebecca x

  2. Yay!!! how exciting!!! I hope the builders are good and keep to schedule !!!
    Laura c xxx

  3. Exciting stuff!! and scary too :) I love the pic of your little boy asleep stil grasping his little cars, I love how some kids can do this only one of mine would, the other just about needed a knock over the head to go to sleep lol

  4. YAY! Good for you, the waiting is agony. It will be lovely to watch the progress, I hope it doesnt get too messy!!

  5. Hope it's not too trying for you all.


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