Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Melbourne black

I was reminded today when walking through the City in my lunch break of Melburnian’s love of black. Even with the weather warming up, black is the colour of choice. It is the backdrop with spots of colour being added with a scarf, shoes, jewellery or maybe jacket.

In the house however it is the opposite with white as the popular backdrop with colour added through furniture, rugs, cushions or other ornaments.

Melbourne is my adopted City, I have lived here now for nearly 10 years but am certainly a true Melburnian when it comes to colour choice.

I must say too that both in my dress and at home I like the black and white combination. Black being dominant with clothes and at home white walls with black pictures frames.

I love this black and white tea towel I bought a while ago from Yardage Design. As soon as the builders are finished this is going on my wall.

What is the colour of choice where you live?


  1. hmm well as I look around I guess its a littl ehard to tell what my colour of choice is considering most of our stuff is mismatched and hand-me-downs! I do really like white though because it goes with everything and I love blues for that beachy feel. The black and white contrast is always a great standout, clean lines which I do like.

  2. Oh I think black white and cream are my colours at the moment..thanks for stopping by my blog...hope your having a great week.Kym X

  3. Thanks for your comments.
    The black and white looks lovely. I'm attracted to bright colours, though I tend to go for something less dramatic when decorating.

  4. Love your images with the touch of black. And your tea towel is a great find. Im loving and adding shades of blue at the moment - duck egg and teal are my favorite. I tend to wear grey, black and natural.
    Enjoy your week.
    Rebecca x

  5. Love that tea towel! I'm noticing a lot of greys where I live, one of which being my living room wall! But also it seems buildings in Sydney are being updated with grey paints.

    xx Cristina


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