Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend words

How great are children for reminding you of what is important?

The weather here has been miserable which has been having a big impact on what we can do on weekends. I am hanging to get out into the garden or out and about for walks or garden centre window shopping but the weather is putting a stop to that. This is having an obvious impact on how we feel, flat and a little bored.

 My six year old daughter though sees the excitement in so many things and reminded me just to focus on this the way she does. Every Monday she has to write at school what she did on the weekend and she started listing all the things she can write about for the coming Monday. She is so excited about the fact we had dinner at a friends last night, she went swimming today and built Lego towers and made cards with her brother that she then turned to me and said 'Mummy can we save Possum hunting (don't worry she means looking for possums at night with torches, something we did the other week) for next weekend as I have too many things already to say for what I did on the weekend' and it is only Saturday!

 A rainbow viewed from our back garden

And here I was thinking we hadn't done anything. I will take a leaf out of her book and look at the nice things we have shared as a family instead.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A French dream

Do you ever have dreams that are so vivid that when you wake up it feels real and takes time to get your bearings?

Well this is what happened to me Sunday morning with a dream of Paris and in that dream just before I woke up I actually thought I better do a blog post to show everyone the views of the Eiffel Tower from my new apartment (I wish).

 Collage of French posters ($5 wrapping paper)

So unfortunately I can't show you these pictures from my dream but thought instead I would post ones of the French elements in my home. And who knows maybe one day I will actually be able to post about being in Paris. My six year old daughter particularly can't wait to see the Eiffel tower and I can't wait to show her!

An old Paris map ($5 wrapping paper) 

As you can see I love French elements in my home and Paris is one of my favourite Cities.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dreaming of Spring lunches

We have had a long miserable Winter in Melbourne but now in August can see the days getting slightly longer and hopefully warmer, so am dreaming about the Spring outdoor dinners, or long lunches in the garden.

These settings really appeal for a Spring lunch or tea party. Would love to do something like this for my friends and their daughters. Though my six year old is a red girl rather then pink.

I love this idea for my book club. Maybe a Spring time lunch for our next meeting.

The three images below would be great for a Summer party - 

Will be looking to make these pineapple drinks, yum! Bring on the long warm days.


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