Thursday, September 30, 2010

When I grow up

My four year old daughter announced today “I want to be a drawer and cutter when I grow up Mummy.”

This statement came about fifteen minutes after a conversation of what she could be when she grew up (obviously having thought about all we said). She wanted ideas and so hubby and I came up with many with explanations of what the job would entail. So we started with Doctor, Vet (she is a caring child) and then moved onto things such as Architect as she loves to draw houses particularly at the moment.

We then suggested a designer and explained how she could decorate rooms and move around furniture (something she does a bit) but her response was “I would get too tired if I moved furniture all day.”

So after this conversation she obviously gave it a bit of thought about what she likes to do most which is definitely drawing and cutting things out – a drawer and cutter (so maybe an artist or fashion designer). And this is fair enough, considering she is averaging about ten drawings / paintings or cut and paste pictures on her kinda days, this would suit. (Ideas on what to do with children’s artwork in my next post.)

As for my two year old boy, if I go by his favourite activity, I think a demolisher would suit him.

It will be interesting to see what happens, but if they are anything like me they will change their minds many times, even once they have grown up!


  1. That is so cute! Tell her being a Graphic Designer is a lot of drawing and cutting!!! And I love it, I also would bring home lots of kindy drawings, craft and paintings so I think she's on the right track :) Jxx

  2. Hi there, Thank you for stopping by Northern Light!
    ... I want to be a "cutter and drawer" when I grow up as well :) How cute! But she is not far off; it's fun cutting and drawing!!

    Northern Light

  3. Hi georgy, its amazing watching them grow up isnt it?! And seeing how they change and wondering... My oldest is 13 now, could never have predicted which things he loves, how he looks, etc... the joys of motherhood!!! A cutter and drawer would be a cool job i think!!!
    hugs to you, Laura c xx

  4. so love your daughters comment about what she want to be when she grows up ~ how delightful ~ looking forward to how the house design goes ~ good luck! Naomi


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