Sunday, October 24, 2010

A day on the farm

A perfect Sunday morning, the sun was out and so we headed to the Collingwood Children's Farm to meet some friends who we hadn't seen for a while. I love the Farm, only a few kilometres from Melbourne's CBD but it feels like you are in the country.

The kids love looking at the animals (so do I), which they can pat, feed or even milk a cow. I love the atmosphere of the place, the rustic style of the stone buildings, the community vegetable gardens and more.
It certainly inspires me, as I have a love for old buildings and natural materials like wood and stone. I also can't wait to build vegetable and herb garden beds like the ones I saw today. Something for after the builders have left considering they will be putting their materials in piles in our back garden.

What did you do with your Sunday, hope you had a good one?


  1. haha that is awesome! Lovely day for a farm visit :)

  2. Wow that looks like an awesome place! I love the first photo :)

  3. A lovely relaxing day, and great pics. I went to the city for a visit, only a couple of hours from our farm!!
    Rebecca x

  4. I remember those days, taking the boys to kid's farms. We visited one called 'Old MacDonald's Farm' in Tasmania, many, many years ago. Not sure if it's still there, but it was very enjoyable.

  5. What a fantastic place to go with the kids, living in the city often leaves kids a bit deprived about farm life, this looks like a wonderful adventure!

  6. hey thanks for your lovely comments........i've been meaning to go to the collingwood farm for so so long, looks fantastic, have a great week lisa xx

  7. What a beautiful farm you have visited! Enjoy a lovely day, Kellie xx

  8. My kids would have just loooved it there! Any farm in fact!!
    have lovely day, Laura c xxx


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