About Me

One of my favourite things to do is to sit with a coffee and flick through the latest edition of home magazines. I love looking inside peoples houses and hearing about their design ideas, getting tips on what I could do around my place often resulting in me moving furniture or objects just to make a room ‘just so’. Something I have noticed is that most of the houses featured in these magazines are owned by people that work in design, architecture or something similar. I on the other hand do not.

So that is what this is about - a Melbourne Mum of two (working part time in communications) who is passionate about design, gardening and the environment. I will be looking at how to give our house a relaxed, warm, family friendly style with minimal clutter (and see what kids can get involved with) plus consider environmental / sustainable improvements to the house, garden and our lifestyle. In doing this I plan to also share ideas or show you some great designs that I have discovered in friends houses.


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