Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday inspiration - Chinese stools

Often when I am out and about I see things that inspire design ideas or concepts for my home. Do you find this as well?

Melbourne is full of cosy well designed cafes that make you want to take a seat and over coffee take it all in, interesting architecture and beautiful street-scapes.

For me there is so much inspiration for my home and so now have decided to make a regular Friday post of what I have loved when out and about during the week.

Earlier this week I took the kids to Melbourne Zoo and along the Elephant trail there are these gorgeous stools, love the look and colour, plus glazed pots and the pendant light pictured below.

And in case you are wondering I haven't been able to keep up the photo a day challenge or post much recently as have had shoulder and back problems which is aggravated by sitting at a computer, so have had to save my computer time for work only.

Hope you all have had a great week.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Fruit - at the Zoo

Day 2 of photo challenge and fruit is the word. So thought as we were at the Zoo today a picture of my little boy eating a banana at the Orangutan enclosure suited this theme well.


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