Saturday, October 9, 2010

Books add a little something

I love to read and I am one of these people that will read a book a few times if I have enjoyed it. I particularly love non-fiction books about women trying to set a new life for themselves in some foreign place, especially the ones where they do up a villa or something similar.

The other great thing about books is I think they make great decoration around the house. Big picture books lying on a coffee table or a collection of books propped up against something and the spines of colour in a bookshelf.


  1. Im with you Georgy, books seem to add a little personality & warmth to a home. I will often use them to add height to something like a vase or candlestick in a vignette. I think they are also a great way to add a little colour into a room. I don't find enough time in my day to pick up a good novel, but certainly do miss the feeling of not being able to put a good book down!!!

  2. So true, books are the best decoration though I prefer mine in a bookcase, which I dont have and have reached the end of my tether at having them all in my cupboard! neeeed bookcase very soon! I also love simlar books to you, any suggestions?

  3. Bec, there are so many books I have enjoyed - The Olive Farm series are good, pictured above. When in Rome by Penelope Green (she has written two others since) and Me, Myself & Prague by Rachel Weiss, Almost French by Sarah Turnbull - just to name some. G


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