Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blogtoberfest day 12 - what happened!

Well here in Australia it is actually Blogtoberfest day 13 but lets pretend I am over the other side of the World somewhere and still in day 12.

I couldn't do my daily post in Australian time yesterday as last night I got home from work and rushed straight to the physio. I have had a bit of back pain recently and the physio certainly helped last night but told me to minimise my time on the computer and rest that evening.

So when I got home instead of going back on the computer I put a heat pack on my back and watched an episode of Grand Designs with Kevin Mcloud. Hubby and I have become a little addicted to this show recently watching an episode almost every night in the past week. In the episode we watched last night the couple didn't finish their build in time for Kevin to show us around the completed house. This is a reasonably common thing, with both build time and budget going well over what was planned. Something to take into account when doing any kind of build work on a house.


  1. oh no, I hope your back gets better soon. Back pain is awful... I used to love Grand Designs too. Not sure if its been on here lately.. They have had some wonderful episodes!
    hugs, Laura c xxx

  2. We love Grand Designs too and I saw an ad that there is going to be and Australian Grand Designs soon which will be showing on Foxtel - bugger, I don't have foxtel :(
    I don't think it would be the same without Kevin and I also love hearing all the pommy accents. I hope your back is feeling better soon Georgy!

  3. We like that programme too. Always disappointed when they don't get to finish it tho' as that's the best bit.
    Hope your back is soon better.


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