Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Hubby makes me smile

I told my Hubby the other day that I was taking part in Blogtoberfest and so was writing a post every day in October on things that make me smile. He naturally said "are you going to write a post on me then?"

In all honesty I hadn't planned too, not because he doesn't make me smile but because I was trying to keep the posts in the theme of the blog - relate them to design, creative things or our renovation.

Then after some thought I realised talking about Hubby is very relevant to our renovation. As many of you would know the whole renovation / build process can be very stressful and put strain on relationships and the household. Well luckily for me Hubby and I have very similar tastes in style and are on the same page in what we want from the renovation / extension. This really helps and what has made me really smile is when Hubby said 'I trust your judgement on interior design so will leave it up to you' - though I do know that means once I have discussed it with him.

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  1. All the best with your house renovation. Sounds like a huge job but lots of fun. You're right though, very important to have you and hubby on the same page. Hope it goes well. Lou.


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