Friday, October 8, 2010

A good day - build date in sight

Today was a good day, firstly because we had our pre-commencement meeting with our Building Manager. This means that the build will start very soon, in the next two weeks. We have permits and are ready to go! So now a weekend of packing, making lists and getting organised ahead. Something I actually enjoy.

Secondly a good day as a good friend who I haven't seen for a few weeks came over for coffee. Her two kids were in tow so they entertained mine, always a bonus.

To top this off I got my copy of the November Home Beautiful today. I have already flicked through twice and love a couple of the feature homes. Also a big fan of the cover with the red, blue and white combination.

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  1. That sounds so exciting Georgy. Your plans look great; i love the layout!
    I do look forward to the next Home B. issue, i think it comes out a bit later in WA!! no surprises there!!!!
    hope you are having a great weekend!!
    hugs, Laura xx


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