Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sun finally - helps us go green!

What a difference the sun makes. After freezing miserable weather, yesterday and today the sun has finally decided to shine and that beautiful blue sky is everywhere.

It just shows us how much light we are going to get in our north facing family area. Bring on Spring!This sun also is doing wonders for our newly installed solar panels, which hopefully soon will assist with our energy bills and most importantly help the environment.

Hope you too had a lovely sunny Saturday.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School holiday fun and a broken bed!

Imagine this - two hyperactive kids trapped inside on school holidays because of cold wet weather, trying to release energy - I am sure most of you don't have to imagine too hard!

Well this was the situation in our house yesterday morning and then while I was stacking the dishwasher all was quite, thinking the kids were playing in their room I wasn't too worried until I heard a loud crash coming from my bedroom. Running in I discovered the kids had broken our queen size bed. A powder coated metal bed (to give cast iron look) had snapped between the side bar and the bed end and so the mattress was touching the floor at one end!

Bed before it broke

I must admit I wasn't too upset as this bed frame is about 17 years old and I had been hinting that we need a new bed for a while. Not so good for the budget put good for a room makeover!

Now the question is another 'cast iron' bed, a sleigh bed or an ensemble?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tea anyone?

I love the sales at this time of year, especially when you find something you have been looking for at a good price, such as this gorgeous tea set. I bought it from General Trader at half price. Not only is it great for a cup of tea but it looks good on my side board and goes with the general red Winter theme in the new living space.

Now just waiting to hang our new mirror with a thick black frame (also bought in the sales) above the side board, but can't do until we have finished painting the walls and the floorboards are sanded and polished.

And just to show it is not all about red, I am still using my favourite colour blue in places and mixing it up with silver, black and white.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Decorating - creating spaces with a touch of colour

The cold Winter weather this week has meant a lot of time inside with school holidays. Hard while still renovating but have tried to reclaim areas and do a bit of decorating.

To try and warm up the room and bring some outside in have added red followed by some cuttings from one of our three Camilla trees. Love these trees for their beautiful dark green foliage and Winter flowers.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Van Gogh

This Van Gogh, The Cafe Terrace is currently sitting in my bedroom in a temporary spot on the wall at the end of my bed (obviously a print not an original).

A print I bought 15 years ago at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and still all these years later it makes me feel happy and gets me to dreaming.

Maybe it's the colours or maybe the cafe scene that reminds me so much of the various cafes hubby and I sat at the last time we were in Europe.

Main Piazza in Capri Italy

I do love Van Gogh's paintings in general and have visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam twice. I can't wait to get back and go again.

Hubby enjoying a coffee at cafe in Amsterdam

With all this in mind I think this print needs to go somewhere in the new living space, just have to work out where and whether to keep it in its wooden frame or maybe change to a black one.

As for the new living space, nearly there - painting, painting, painting and I am sure will be for another few weekends.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


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