Sunday, October 10, 2010

Windows and light

The morning light coming through our family room windows this morning was beautiful. We are lucky as this area faces North and so we get great sun all year around. The only issue is this means it gets a little hot in summer. Something we are looking at fixing with the renovation.

Unfortunately this beautiful sash window and these French doors will soon be removed. Where the French doors are we are extending out for more living space, off which will come a hall to lead to two new bedrooms, a family bathroom and laundry. At the end of this new living space we will be putting in wooden framed, double glazed, sliding doors. The window will also be replaced with sliding doors to lead out onto an alfresco deck.

We did think it would be great to reuse the French doors but we wanted better energy efficiency with double glazing. Now I am trying to think how I could reuse them elsewhere. Maybe in the garden?


  1. Hi Georgy, If you visit my blog, there is something for you! It was a friday flower - I am a few days late!! sorry!! Hope that you have had a great weekend!! hugs, Laura c xxx

  2. Can definately understand your desire to re-use the french doors. How about the entry to a little backyard studio? All in the name of recyclying of course.


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