Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Room with multiple personalities

I have had friends often say they hardly use their lounge room but spend all their time in the family room living space. This is certainly not the case in our house - lounge room, study, blogging room, guest room, reading room, puzzle room, music room, weekend morning coffee room, Christmas tree room and last but not least my French room. The front room of our house acts as all of these, with a sofa bed, desk, piano, bookshelves and even a filing cabinet tucked away behind the door, it is very versatile and well loved.

To add to this impressive list it will very soon also act as our main bedroom while the builders work on our WIR and en-suite.

Once we have finished the extension though this room can focus on being our lounge room. The desk and filing cabinet will move to our new study and this will also act as the guest room.

Even so this much loved room I hope will still be used. I love the art deco fireplace and the view out the front window so I am sure it will still be a favourite for our weekend morning coffee.

Do you have a room like this?

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  1. Wow ... what wonderful family memories are being created in this room. ... with lots more to come, no doubt. You're also very brave living in your house while the renovations go on!!
    Lovely to discover your blog during Blogtober Fest.


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