Sunday, July 9, 2017

The new journey!

So it has been two years since I last posted and what a two years it has been. Sold the family home and spent the last couple of years renting, looking after two great kids and juggling full time work, it hasn't been easy! Really the last few years have been about getting through, day by day but now I am a Westie, meaning I have moved to the Western suburbs of Melbourne from the East and absolutely loving it! I am all ready for the next chapter.

So what will the next chapter look like?
  • Exploring the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and all they have to offer.
  • Getting involved with what I can already see as a vibrant, engaged community - helping kids to settle in.
  • Looking at sustainable living while not impacting too much on the day to day. My partner and I have just bought an old house originally built in about 1900 (pictured in header). It has been renovated and extended but we would like to put in our personal touches with both design and improving the sustainability of the house and garden so looking at:
    • energy efficiency of the house to help keep the energy bills in check
    • solar panels
    • an edible garden, with composting and worm farms and maybe a few chickens
    • already has three water tanks
    • and last but certainly not least, upcycling vintage furniture and other items.
Sammy the dog with our vintage dining table

 All the while juggling a busy lifestyle with kids, dog, family, friends and my job (I am sure there will be a few good posts about this, with me pulling my hair out)!

And keeping in mind how busy life is still want to try as much as possible to enjoy the day to day, enjoy the journey.


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