Friday, October 29, 2010

Tread Lightly upon this World

On a visit to the Yarra Valley a while ago I bought this card, not only because I like the design but the message resonates with me.

You may read something else into it but for me it is all about sustainability, something which we are trying to think about when it comes to our renovation, our garden and our everyday life.

With the house we are putting in high rating insulation, double glazed windows, getting a water tank, looking at solar panels, energy efficient lights and more.

For the garden I am currently learning about permaculture principles and how this can work in with the house as well.

With everyday life we try to remember to turn off things at the power point, dry our clothes on the line, put buckets under taps and more.

This design by Freya Art & Design I also bought for the colour, design and because I love the ideas it communicates. I especially love to travel, though haven't done much recently, but can't wait to with my children and explore with them. I also in accordance with the philosophy above, buy carbon credits every time we do to at least try an counteract the impact.

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  1. Cool cards! I love it when something speaks to you in the most unexpected way. I have to say I am a bit bad at this. I do try but I think could try harder.


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