Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Do you notice cornices when you walk into a house?

Old cornice throughout our house

According to my site manager when trying to match our cornice and finding he couldn't get a perfect match - it is fine if they are similar, as only people like him would notice the difference.

Well I don't know about you but I also notice and so we ended up asking them to replace the whole cornice in our bedroom so it did all match.

New cornice (called three step) in our bedroom, WIR and ensuite - obviously needs painting. I actually love it as you can't tell here but makes the ceiling look higher. I am a big fan of old houses and their features so this fits with that.


  1. hi georgy, funny you should say that; i do always notice them!! mine are just plain, but I really admire cornices with more detail... I do love yours; good on you for replacing the whole lot and sticking to your guns!!
    hope you hare having a great day,
    hugs, laura xxx

  2. So glad you stood your ground. It will look fabulous once painted. ;-)

  3. Love these features in a home - they complete it for me. As we have an old home, they are all decorative, each room is different. Love them all. I really like the three step, great choice.
    Thank you for your lovely comment. I know time flies - I still feel as I did when my son first went to school, just dont look the same, and a little wiser. Really enjoying your blog - youre doing a great job.
    Rebecca x

  4. I love your cornice choice, I dont blame you for replacing the whole lot, imagine how much it would have bugged you if it didnt quite match. Its going to look great!!

  5. I like your choice of the three steps cornice and good decision about replacing them all!

  6. Looking forward to following your renos! It's all in the detail so I'm told so go for it with the cornices! Jane @ the girl in the brick house.


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