Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas in the City

I find the Melbourne lane ways, arcades and streets beautiful in Spring but when you add Christmas decorations to this it is even better. I am happy to see the City of Melbourne has gone with red, silver and gold, just what I am planning for our house.

Beautiful Royal Arcade - love the stain glass window - blue and red my favourites

My father in law and his partner were visiting from Adelaide this weekend and so we spent most of it in the City - enjoying the buzz, trying out different places for coffee, visiting Santa's cave in Myer and today walking around the Botanic Gardens - perfect weather for it all.

Kids enjoying the water path in the Ian Potter children's garden

Love a vegetable garden like this, how good is the seat around it.


  1. There you are, gorgeous thing! You have a lovely smile and the kids look very cute wandering around in the garden. The Ian Potter garden is wonderful, isn't it? We do live in a great city..Rachaelxx

  2. What lovely documentation of happenings in a life so far away from mine! I would love to visit there someday....there's that word again...."someday" ha! That stained glass is awesome and darling little ones ;)

  3. I agree re: the alleys in Melbourne. Love to potter in and arond them, and it's uniquely Melbourne. Reminds me of being in Europe. Must be gorgeous with the decorations up. I can only imagine! :)

  4. we were in the arcades last weekend.....just love them, reminds me how much i love melbourne, beautiful photos xx

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend, can you believe I have never visited Melbourne, I would love to one day tho!!

  6. absolutely gorgeous pictures! I love your blog!



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