Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And so it goes on.....

What a day! Started off being so excited as the vanity, toilet and fittings went in. Then the electrician came and put in all the lights.

So knowing this raced home from work excited about taking photos to share with you. Turned on the lights (which look great) - let there be light! Unfortunately with light we can now see any defects, so to list a few:
  • uneven tiling on walls
  • uneven tiling in shower recess, meaning any shampoo bottle would lean
  • slant on floor
  • bowed wall behind vanity.
This has left me angry and upset, so straight to the pizza store and a glass of red!

Tomorrow we will be having harsh words to our site manager, it needs to be fixed and we are fast running into Christmas and out of patience! Stay tuned for the next episode in the saga.....


  1. Oh no, that doesn't sound good at all. I hope they see their errors and repair quickly for you. ;-)

  2. How disappointing! You must have been really excited getting home to see the results. Hope you get it sorted with no issues. Good luck
    Rebecca x

  3. hi georgy, eeek, how disheartening... dont worry, i am sure they will sort it all out - try to stay positive! will keep my fingers crossed for you that it all works out well.
    hugs, laura xxx

  4. My goodness! How do these things happen? Is there no standard any more? Our builder and I used to stand over any of the subbies and triple check everything - annoying to them but essential I thought! Hope it gets resolved quickly for you, you've waited long enough..Rachaelxx

  5. OMG!! You poor thing, I can only imagine you frustration & disappointment. I think you may need some chocolate to go with that red!!!


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