Thursday, November 25, 2010

Keep out!

Sometimes you have to laugh or you might cry - it is my daughter's fifth birthday in a few weeks and yesterday we gave out her party invites at kinder.

Then last night got home from work to find plasterboard mess and dust in the driveway (the plasterer has finally been) and all over the footpath and front porch and a sign on the fence saying - Danger, construction site, unauthorised persons keep out. Now that is going to go down well with parents rocking up with their kids for my daughters birthday party. Maybe I should tell them we are going with a Bob the Builder theme, rather then the fairy / magic one we are having.

Oh the joys of living in a house you are renovating!


  1. Oh no! Just what you needed.... Maybe the fairys are building more fairy houses at the moment or something??? And hopefully by magic it will all disappear before the party! :)

  2. How ironic! Hope the party goes well anyway. Im sure the kids will see past it all and have a great time.Look forward to hearing how it went.
    Rebecca x

  3. Find a park with a toilet and a shaded shelter and find it quick.

  4. Or maybe you could have a plaster painting party instead!


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