Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Italy - my colour inspiration

Packing up bookcases has meant a trip down memory lane as we pull out photo albums and the photos of Italy are certainly among my favourites.

My colour inspiration - Mediterranean blue, blooming bougainvillea, pots of red geraniums, white wash buildings, natural stone and the list goes on......


  1. sounds gorgeous! oh for some italian sunshine! x

  2. That bougainvillea hedge looks awesome. It amazes me how many buildings they fit onto hillsides in those parts of the country.

  3. ah I've fond memories of lying down in a boat to enter the blue grotto. I thought mermaids would live there! Beautiful colours for sure, and great to draw inspiration from. Especially now with summer approaching. x

  4. Lovely palette, so cheery. The bougainvillea is really something.


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