Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On an episode of the English show Grand Designs I was watching the other night, Kevin McCloud stated something along the lines of - when building people want three things, a great design, to meet their timeline and budget, but unfortunately you hardly ever get all three.

So if this is the case what would you give up? I suppose if I really had a choice probably timeline and at this point that is exactly what is happening, so maybe I should be sort of happy about that?

Anyway on a bathroom that was meant to take three to four weeks we have really blown our timeline. We are now nearing end of week four and still no sign of a plasterer. We have been told we may get one this Friday but not sure as yet as they haven't chosen which one they are going with. We are meant to find out tomorrow exactly what is happening, so fingers crossed.


  1. Deadlines are difficult to keep, the tiniest details you hadn't think about, grow sometimes to big problems :)

  2. Hi georgy, tradesmen are so unreliable arent they? sorry havent posted my 4 things yet, still thinking about a couple of answers!!!
    take care,
    laura xx

  3. I agree. They are hard to meet. The same with budget, it should always be planned with an allowance for expansion. Enjoy the day, Kellie xx

  4. So far, our build has been delayed by around a year. Because we are renting it has also thrown out our budget, but this is nothing in the scheme of things. The only thing we DON'T want to compromise is quality :)

    B is building a house


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