Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas, birthdays, toys and storage

Well Christmas is fast approaching and we also have my daughter’s birthday five days before, so with this in mind I have started lists and shopping.

It quickly made me realise that I also need to think about storage or reducing the amount of kids toys in the house before they get all the new ones (especially as of January we will be living in half a house for six months).

As the only grandchildren on both sides they tend to get a lot. We are always telling family not to buy them so much but living interstate they see it as a great opportunity to make up for time not spent with them.

This reminded me that the second post I wrote on this blog was all about the toy invasion in our house – see here.

In summary I have found Ikea a great place for good, inexpensive storage options, use bookcases as much as possible and regularly reduce the toys by giving to friends with younger children or to the Salvation Army.

I also am looking at and recommending to others gift ideas that aren’t toys that I know the kids will still love, like a family pass to the Zoo, books, craft things and outdoor items including mini garden sets.


  1. Gift suggestions: We are campers. Not all families are campers, and I realise this. If you can face camping, I would suggest things like tents, sleeping bags, camping bunks, fishing rods, tackle boxes, single swags for grandparents to buy. We were away with friends for the weekend and one of the boys had just got camping bunks ($89 recently at Aldi of all places) and the boys using them were over the moon with excitement about them!

    As for school, yes, next year, but hasn't done orientation as we live too far from the school he will be attending, but his sister and two cousins will also be at the school. Can hardly wait!

  2. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate when you've got kids!! Our boys are adults now, but I've kept quite a lot in anticipation for our grand kids one day!! Your gift ideas are good.

  3. Oh you sound very organised! I don't have little ones just yet but I'm already struggling with storage space! :-)

  4. Hi Georgy I've just found you through Trish. I completely agree with your sentiments. I wish we had Ikea here in Hobart so I could buy a white Expedit bookcase for the pixies' room. Do you have one of them? J x

  5. hi georgy, i know how you feel, but I am getting better at getting rid of stuff!! And it feel so fabulous when you have decluttered doesnt it?!
    hugs to you,
    laura c xx


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