Friday, November 26, 2010

All I want for Chirstmas is a shower

A shower for Christmas in the house that is or a fantastic outdoor one, I have been having regular showers, just not at home.

We are now into our fifth week without a bathroom but we have at least had movement. The plasterer finished yesterday and the waterproofer was here today. The tiler is due on Monday, after that I am not sure but here's hoping by the end of next week we can have a shower at home. Or is that just expecting too much from our builders?

Luckily it has been warm this week which meant we have been able to wash the kids with a bucket of water out on the deck. Nothing as glamorous as these outdoor showers.


  1. I love that first one, how cool would that be!!!!

  2. I don't know how you're coping without a shower. No kitchen or laundry was enough for me, if I didn't have a shower I would have quite literally gone mad! Hang in there..Rachaelxx

  3. Oh I shouldn't laugh Georgy, but you make me laugh. You're on the home straight now! I'm sure you'll be enjoying a shower in ten days. That's my prediction!! :)

  4. Love the second pictured shower! I'm pretty sure your shower's going to be ready for Christmas. Have a gorgeous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  5. Hiiii,
    Thank you for visiting Northern Light!
    I love that first New England-outdoor-shower... I want one too!

    Northern Light

  6. Thankyou so much for visiting my blog I hope I can inspire you as you have me with those incredible outdoor showers. again Thankyou!

  7. I love the 2nd shower too - too nice for outside though. x


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