Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have been tagged - 4 things about me

I have been tagged by wonderful Trish at A Dream House for Trish to share 4 x 4 things about me. This is the first time I have done one of these so a little exciting and lots of fun for me. Thanks Trish.

4 things that..... are usually in my handbag

Besides the usual purse, money, keys
  1. Small tube of Paw Paw Cream
  2. Aseop hand cream
  3. Mentos
  4. oh and things for the kids - tissues, wipes, museli bars, and a spare pair of undies for my daughter!

4 things that..... are in my bedroom

Hubby and I on our honeymoon

My usual bedroom has currently got a lot of dust, builders tools and boxes filled with bathroom fittings but ignoring this, normally though:
  1. My antique dressing table which was the first piece of furniture I bought.
  2. Turquoise vase filled with leaves or flowers from our garden.
  3. Various pretty boxes containing costume jewellery.
  4. Last but not least my gorgeous brown eyed hubby (he has the longest eyelashes which everyone comments on and luckily my daughter inherited).
4 things that ..... I would like to do but never did

The main piazza on the island of Capri, Italy

Like Trish, I too think never say never and don't really have any regrets...but things I haven't done or haven't done enough of yet:
  1. Travel - have seen the East Coast of Australia, Japan, UK and parts of Western and Central Europe but want to see Eastern. Also love to see New York and Canada, South America, more of Asia, South Africa and of course more of Australia. On this I do wish I had lived in London when my friends and brother and sister did but maybe something I will just have to do down the track.
  2. Learn Italian past the basic beginners Italian I do know.
  3. I often wish I studied Architecture or design at University, but renovating the house and this blog lets me dabble in the area and who knows maybe one day.
  4. Do all the piano grades.
4 things that .... you don't know about me

Hmmm this is a hard one as trying to think what would be most interesting....
  1. I have worked as a DJ in a night club and ran a music street mag for a short time.
  2. I suffered postnatal depression after my second child, my little boy was born and even though I was 'better' by the time he was six months probably didn't really feel myself until he was about 18 months (he is now nearly two and a half).
  3. I love music and dancing and love to sing and dance madly around the house with my kids to pop music, even Britney.
  4. A little accident prone, as a child fell down stairs in the Eiffel tower and a week later fell off a swing in Switzerland. Now continually stubbing my toe or hitting fingers - mind you have never broken a bone (touch wood).
Now I know I have technically given more than four things to some of the questions but that is another thing to add as my Mum says I started talking really young and haven't stopped since! Probably why I now work in communications.

Now the deal is I have to tag 4 people. This is really difficult because I read so many great blogs and have met wonderful people. So I have chosen 4 I enjoy and women who often leave lovely comments on mine. Enjoy!

Laura at My Summerhouse

Bec at Memory Garden
Sonia at Rain and Sage
Nessa at NessaKnit


  1. Hi there Georgy, thank you for tagging me, thats so much fun, i will definently join in the fun!!! Its so lovely to learn more about you!
    I had pnd too. its so awful, isnt it? My second child too. I am so glad you are doing okay now.... Its a very long journey. Was it a long time ago now? Mine started around ten years ago now. Still on the meds... thank heavens!
    big hugs georgy,
    laura xxx

  2. This was great Georgy, certainly learnt alot more about you. I've already done this a few posts back. It's doing the rounds. None of the people I tagged participated, so you're doing better than me in tagging! :) xx I love dancing around with the kids too. LOVE the photo of you two in front of the Eiffel Tower.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Loved to hear that you like traveling as well. Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  4. What a fascinating list, I love these little peeks into bloggers' lives..Rachaelxx

  5. Thanks Georgy! I did it not too long ago so I may have to give it a miss but I will definately give you a mention anyway :) Loved reading this about you,such a fun get to know you game this one.

  6. Hi Georgy, its lovely to learn more about you. It is a fun post to do isn't it!!
    I would love to go to New York some day too.


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