Sunday, November 14, 2010

Basil - smell, taste and colour

Basil, the perfect plant to adorn your kitchen table or island bench. The smell is divine, the colour of the leaves vibrant and uplifting and a great addition to that summer pasta, bruschetta or salad.

So even though the weather was fairly wet this weekend and so couldn't do much in the garden, with basil now in season I just had to get some for inside the house and I think it looks great in this blue pot.
Brief moment of sun shining through

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. I LOVE basil too! I always go through a 'mourning period' when it dies off over winter as I use it nearly every day when in season. It looks great in your blue pot (ours is in the veggie garden). Yum yum! Jxx

  2. I love your blue pot. Basil is a lovely fresh fragrance, I love it in spaghetti sauce. Your big windows and doors let beautiful light into the space too.
    Rebecca x

  3. I totally agree georgy, it does smell amazing! My husband uses it a lot in his cooking and its so gorgeous. I am working on my tag post !! will get there! hope your weekend was lovely!
    Laura xxx

  4. Yes I'm a big herb fan. I think it's a great idea inside to look at. x

  5. I always want to grow such delights, but have yet to get around to doing so! Beautiful space and lovely simple, fresh post :)

  6. Mmmmm, home grown basil, yummo!! It is one of those nice hardy herbs to grow. Looks fabulous in your blue pot!


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