Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week three and counting

Magical picture we bought at the St Kilda markets - maybe for one of the kids new bedrooms.

If you are a Seinfeld fan you may remember the episode where George's father kept chanting serenity now to remain calm, well that is what I am trying to say to myself today - serenity now!

Why, because we are heading into our third week without a bathroom and were told today that we still don't have a date for when the plasterer is coming. I was told at the beginning of this there would be days when no one turns up and so was expecting it but didn't think it would be consecutive days on such a short job. We were told the new bathroom (ensuite) and walk in robe would take three to four weeks, hmmm!

So this could mean another few weeks of heading around to friends houses for showers and bathing the kids, my daughter and I sleeping in the lounge on the sofa bed (not overly comfortable for two adults, so hubby still sleeping in her bed) and on the days we have various tradies, cleaning up after they have left. All leading very quickly into Christmas and my daughters and my birthdays in December.

So serenity now! Not as hard because at least we are having beautiful weather this week. Good for getting out an about. And tomorrow I am heading off with my daughter to a getting to know her school session, I can't believe she turns five soon and is starting school next year, very exciting but a little sad at the same time.


  1. Oh Georgy. Poor pet. Poor love. I RELATE!! I had this situation last year and with a 1 & 3 year old. All I can say (and what else can you do?) is hang in there. When it's all done you will appreciate it even more. I learnt from my experience that I needed to be a harder task masker, set deadlines, and follow them up. Dare I say micro-manage?! Maybe a glass of wine could help? Think of your first bath and keep on chanting serenity now. :) xx

  2. Oh Georgy You poor thing, this would be very frustrating, I think a glass of wine is good advice!!
    I have tagged you in a little get to know you post, if you have time!!

  3. i feel your pain....my bathroom took 3 weeks and that was 2 weeks longer than expected and it was a nightmare with 2 kids, at least we had a another toilet!!!! loving the pic and your blog btw:) careen x


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