Monday, October 3, 2011

Trip to Melbourne Zoo and design ideas

Day three of Blogtoberfest and thought I would take a day break from before and after photos as today we enjoyed a sunny day at the Melbourne Zoo.

And who would of thought it would give me some design ideas both for the side of our house and our alfresco deck.

Starting with the elephant trail, love the bamboo and the idea of using this in big stone pots down the side of our house.
Then entering the orangutan enclosure love the wood slatted pitched roof and the amazing lights.


  1. Hi Georgy! Thanks for your comment over at my blog. Hope that you took notice of the translation button in the side bar. It works but it can also (very often my husband tells me) be extremely hilarious in its translations.:-)
    Have read bits and pieces in your blog and I like what you write about. I'll be coming back to see how your blogtoberfest turns out. Looking forward to before and after shots of the reno.
    CU Anette :-)

  2. Hi Georgy, I love the Melbourne zoo. We recently took a couple of school classes there and I was amazed...hadn't been for such a long time. The orangutan enclosure is your garden too by the way X

  3. Hi Georgy ... just scrolled through your blog and I have to say: YOUR FAMILY IS PRECIOUS! Have a great day :)


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