Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Mummy juggle post for Blogtoberfest day 5

As it is school holidays and a day of visitors at our house (showing the house to various friends) with more due for afternoon drinks and dinner, oh in about 10 minutes; and my three year old seems to be going through a tantrum one minute, clingy the next phase, making it hard to do today for Blogtoberfest I will not be doing a before and after post.

If I was a little more organised I would have a few pre-planned but with two young kids and so much else going on I must admit everything is a little on the fly. I am sure you all understand.

Will hopefully be back tomorrow with more before and after photos but now getting ready to have a relaxing glass of red with a good friend (who has three kids of her own so sure she will be in need too)!

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  1. I totally understand! My almost 3,5 yo is soooo in control of this house hold atm that it is ridiculous. Screams, protests and tantrums one after the other is the norm. Some how though I think school holidays have been good for her and us. She has improved the last couple of days. Not much but every tiny step is good, right?!
    Enjoy that wine!
    Anette :-)


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