Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deck to go in

We have been told that the building of our deck will begin in the next week. I really hope this is the case as below where the kids feet are in the picture above is dirt, which turns quickly into mud as soon as it rains. I have just noticed too that this picture shows the floorboards before they were sanded and polished, so it was taken a few weeks ago.

The image below gives you an idea of what the deck is going to be like, wrapping around the back of the house. Interestingly this image shows the old brick too but this has now all been removed to expose the weatherboard.

So we will be having a pitched roof covered pergola over the deck area outside the stacking doors (where the kids are sitting above) and around in front of the sliding doors will be an open flat roof pergola which we will be growing a vine on.

With the weather warming up and Summer fast approaching I really can't wait for the deck to be done, have BBQs and hang lanterns and fairy lights from the pergola for those warm nights.


  1. Wow! So exciting. It will look amazing!


  2. Wow - this is all very exciting! Lucky you :)

  3. Every house needs a deck! Good to hear that yours will go going in before your summer arrives - decks are the perfect spot for summer reading and outdoor meals :-)


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