Monday, October 17, 2011

Does a renovation ever end?

Today I was asked by a friend I hadn't seen for a while whether my renovation was over and I had to really think how to answer this. I mean technically the 'reno' he was referring to is over in that the extension has been built and fitted out, the contract with our builders is finished (well except the defects list) and we are living in and enjoying the new areas of our house, so I suppose the technical answer is Yes!

On the other hand we still have so much to do and when I started putting a list together I realised just how long it was. It is all those finishing off things, including, painting, painting, painting oh and putting in fittings such as towel rails and toilet roll holders and then there is all the external work, the big one being the alfresco deck being built (which we are using a different builder for), weatherboards being replaced, more painting and lots, lots more.

So really does the renovation ever really end? It some ways probably not as I have friends who years after doing their extensions are still putting on finishing touches and that's with the house. There is also often so much work to do in the garden but in some ways that is all part of the fun of it, the journey - as they say life is about the journey!

For us the main part is over though, so we have noticeably got back quality family time in our house and our stress levels have decreased thanks to this. On the weekend we managed to just enjoy time in the house and out in the garden with the kids, it was fantastic!


  1. Oh Georgy! I *get* what you're saying. Now we've been in the new PB HQ for about 4 months, I now realise all the bits the previous owners had neglected to do. Time to start writing that list! J x

  2. Thanks! Now I know what is waiting for me around the corner!!LOL
    We are having final inspection tomorrow and hopefully handover on Friday if all goes well. But I know that it is not the end to our project it's just a new face that starts, especially the outdoor, the garden and all that......
    I have a long list to for that face :-)

  3. Even when I start a project that I think is one room only(like my guest room), I finished, and now feel like the adjoining bath needs to be never ends, but I love to have a project to look forward to!!

  4. I don't think ours will ever end. If we had money to spend the process would be a lot easier! Two and a half years on we have done three spaces and the garden. We still sleep with a sheet over our bedroom window. I get asked all the time how the Reno is going or if we are finished. I wish!!

  5. Georgy thanks for following my blog and I wish I was at the end of our Reno. I know the major stuff will be complete in about 2 weeks but then we have to put our house back together when we get our Household goods and then we have to start the I don't think it ever ends..


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