Monday, October 24, 2011

A trip on water - good for stress release

Yesterday we decided to enjoy a Sunny 29 degree day and catch a ferry from Melbourne's South Bank to the Bay town of Williamstown.

For those that don't know Melbourne, the ferry travels along the Yarra River that runs through the City of Melbourne, out the mouth of the Yarra into Port Phillip Bay and across the Bay to Williamstown.

I find being near water and on boats a great stress release and was so relaxed by the time we got back home.
Then this morning when a plumber arrived at 7.30am to fix up a few issues from the reno it reminded me how frustrating it was to have trades rock up at this time when we are getting ready for work and school. Thankfully builders being around all the time is behind us which I am now very glad of.


  1. Looks like a fun trip, I find water travel very restful and stress releasing too..I think it's just the sight of water around me and the feel of it's movement under me..and maybe the wind in my face!

  2. I have done that trip on the Yarra, it is very peaceful. Mimi xx


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