Monday, October 10, 2011

Lesson learned - tiles

I have learnt a good lesson when it comes to tiles, picking what I loved for the ensuite floor rather then thinking at all about practicalities. I loved the idea of dark grey but have since learnt that they show every water mark, and bit of dust within hours of cleaning them.

Knowing this when it came to choosing tiles for our new family bathroom some months later, we chose a lighter grey which also has texture and slight metallic shine. Not only do they look great but in what is a very high traffic bathroom compared to the ensuite, actually manage to hide dirt very well. This is especially good with two young children who love to play with water in the sink whenever I am not watching closely.


  1. The same thing happened in my old apartment. I went from faux slate Lino to charcoal tiles and while they looked great they showed dust brilliantly!
    Your grey ones are very nice :)

  2. looks great in the photos though hehehe.....
    hey quick question i've tryed sending you a few emails, but noticed its nowhere on your page or profile smooch lisa xx

  3. Where did that comment of mine go?

    Anyway I said something along the line that I really like your grey tiles, they have style. Have learnt that one cannot have totally plain floor covering as in tiles and timber flooring, if you want it easy cleaned and not see every little breadcrumb and more. I hope my choices for the new house will be good when it comes to the cleaning aspect of things too.
    Have a fabulous day in this rain, we are having again!
    Anette :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing about the tiles. We are in the process of choosing new floor tiles for our bathroom and I did wonder about how dark tiles stack up against the lighter ones for showing marks etc.

  5. we have textured tiles in our bathroom and I find them a pain in the butt to sweep. We always vacumm before we mop now. Unfortunately, we rent so there is not much we can do about the tiles.

  6. Thanks for the tip about the tiles! I was looking at the dark ones in your picture thinking how great they looked, but you are right, the pale grey looks good too, and if they decrease the amount of cleaning required, then they get my vote!


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