Sunday, October 9, 2011

Colour love

I am loving the cover of the latest edition of Home Beautiful, a range of blues that are so fresh and Summery and it goes with the look I am trying for in this area, right next to our stacking doors, which will eventually look out onto our deck.

Also will love these colours for our alfresco deck once we have it. Been told by our builder they will start building it in about a week, can't wait!


  1. Blue for outdoor is really nice, it blends so well with plants in the garden.
    So you went to the BIG Ikea too. It was really nice and big. All the big things on our list they had but the long list of little "thingos" such as hooks, mirrors, frames, coat hangers and toilet brushes was sold out! I only came home with two toilet brushes!!! Poor me (not) have to go back another day;).
    I agree with you that Kent has more...of a look than the Ikea one. Think Kent is the one!
    My weekend has been successful (apart from nothing bought from Ikea). Hope yours was as good!
    Anette :-)

  2. Have always loved blue. A gorgeous Home Beautiful cover. Mimi xx


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