Thursday, October 11, 2012

The second born photo problem - Blogtoberfest day 11

I have recently realised that my beautiful boy, my second born has no wonderfully bound photo books of his first few years, though his older sister does. I have certainly taken plenty pictures of my now four year old but haven't put them together in anything with words.

I know my younger sister always complained there are a lot less photos of her and I think this happens a lot with the second child. I always swore I wouldn't do this with mine and I haven't in the extent that there are lots of photos of my boy, it is just I haven't seemed to find the time to order them and write captions like I did for the first couple of years of my daughters life. I think I will get onto fixing this very soon!


  1. What gorgeous pics :) Thanks for dropping by my blog x

  2. That is so true. I'm the same with my youngest. With Tom I went mad with framing photos and photo books. I need to do the same for wee George. Elaina


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