Monday, October 15, 2012

My last week - Blogtoberfest day 15

One thing Blogtoberfest provides is a commitment to posting every day in October and so setting aside time to be creative, this I love. However the last few days I have slipped a little as I am distracted with the fact this is my last week of work for a while.

I have been in my current job at an environmental organisation working in public relations, marketing, communications for 10 years now. The organisation has just gone through a restructure and down sized and it has become time for me to move on.

I am excited in many ways as hopefully head in a slightly new direction, something where I can be a little more creative again, but in the mean time I will have a break and have more time to focus on the family, me and the house for a while. Something I have been hanging out to do.

So even though I am excited I am also a little sad and very distracted this week, which means my writing flow is not as good as it normally is. I will still post but maybe not every day at least until this week is over.

Have a good week all.



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  2. So sorry that you have to take a new direction re. your work, Georgy. My cousin recently lost her job due to down-sizing too...the Campbell Newman cut-backs to be exact. As the saying goes, as one door closes, another one opens so I hope this is the case for you and my cousin too. Take time for yourself and family...all the best ~ xo

  3. New adventures await. Take care. Elaina xo


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