Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gardening and nature great for frustration

'Cleaning a house with young children at home is like eating a chocolate biscuit while brushing your teeth!'

This statement felt like it was written for me today. Oh the frustration! So instead of getting too annoyed I got the kids out of the house.

Firstly tried the garden and while they jumped on the trampoline and ran around, I weeded. This lasted well for an hour but then they started tipping cat food out on the deck and more.

So next we went for a picnic in a beautiful nearby park. Played hide and seek in the maze and went exploring in the gardens. Lots of fun, got rid of some energy and while they had a rest back at home I felt revived. Getting out in nature is the perfect therapy.

Now I feel more relaxed to head into my last two days of work - see yesterday's post.

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