Saturday, October 27, 2012

Food and flowers - basil, lemons and red

'Go on it's the weekend so get your hands dirty.'

Ok this is my Friday food and flowers post a day late but what a hectic week it has been.

My first week of not doing paid office work and it has flown. I thought I would have all this spare time but no, with a list a mile long of things I wanted to get done and with my daughter home from school for two days (she strained her quad muscle playing basketball, a big deal for a six year old), I didn't get to the blog much at all.

I did however manage to pot some basil and flowers plus mulch my lemon tree. I am looking forward to using the basil in summer salads, pasta, and on pizza.

It is obviously going to be a while before I get lemons and I plan to pot at least one other lemon tree, as there are so many things I love to make with lemon in.

 Mmmm, Lemoncello!


  1. Nothing quite like getting your fingers dirty and planting out things in the garden. Hope you manage to mark some things of your list this week!

  2. Sounds like a great week, makes you wonder how you found time to go to work ;)

  3. Youve reminded me Iv got to get out my basil seeds and plant them so I have some basil for summer. Youve also reminded me of a new bottle of lemonchello in my freezer waiting to be tasted :) Hope youve had a good weekend x

  4. Well you got some things done which is better than nothing and now you can wait for the basil to grow. I got my herb garden done the other day but I still haven't got that lemon tree that I want. Maybe time to go and buy one this week.
    Anette :-)


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