Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday food and flowers

'Go on it's the weekend so get your hands dirty' - Real Living magazine

I love this quote near the end of every Real Living magazine, just before they have their gardening section. And so like this mag and many others which focus on food and gardening at the back of the mag, thought every Friday being the end of the week I would focus on food and flowers, friends or I are growing in our gardens.

With the food we are growing I hope to then use in cooking and flowers to decorate the table or house. Mind you sometimes the food itself, I'm thinking fruit and herbs particularly make good table decoration too.

So for my very first food and flower post my little vegetable and flower patch....


We have a whole lot of old red bricks from a wall that was knocked down and so now recycling and using them in the garden, love the rustic look they provide.

 As you can the lettuce is doing well and will pick some for salad this weekend.

 I have just planted cherry tomatoes so they have a long way to go!

Just behind my vegetable patch is an apple tree just starting to blossom and nearby my pot of Lavender.


 I love to bring Lavender and blossom inside to decorate and add a great smell.

What are you growing in your garden, planted anything recently in hope of a good food crop?


  1. I sewed my friend a bag for her niece and she is going to give me some parsley and basil..does that count? Your garden is lovely, very productive.

  2. OH, what a lovely garden!! I love the rustic appeal too. The only edible thing I have growing is my potted chilli plant. We rent so are limited to what we can do. I wouldn't mind trying a potted veggie garden....I've heard lettuce does very well in pots.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ :)

  3. I planted cherry tomatoes in the hopes they don't need as much sun as the big ones do. Those lettuces look amazing!


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