Monday, October 22, 2012

Do you need a project?

Are you one of those people who always needs a project of some sort to focus on?

Well I certainly am and after finishing my job last week and already thinking what next? I have had a few people say just relax for a few weeks, take some time out for yourself while the kids are at school and kinder. Good advice but find this a very hard thing to do.

I started off well this morning going to the gym and then to one of my favourite places, Bunnings but now at home and looking around at all that needs to be done and just feel I should get started on organising the study, cleaning out cupboards, weeding, painting and oh so much more that I have been putting off. Sigh!

It is however a beautiful day outside and I am kid free, so maybe I should go out for a coffee and read a mag, oh and maybe visit Spotlight! Even if I do manage to do this I know later tonight once the kids are in bed I will start writing a plan for what to tackle over the next few months. I just can't help myself!

What about you, do you find it easy to relax or are you a plan and project person like me?


  1. Look forward to seeing what your next project is!!! :)


  2. Visiting Spotlight always means trouble for me,I then want to start 10 new projects.


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