Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A rude awakening - a build story

7.15 this morning and there was a loud knock at the door, which I stumbled to answer with wet hair and in my slippers (oh and a dress thankfully!) to find a fit looking guy at the door announcing he was there to put on our new roof. This I was very excited about but couldn't seem to muster much enthusiasm for the poor guy when I was still half asleep (not helped by being up with my little boy from 4-5 earlier in the morning) and hadn't yet had that vital cup of coffee. So I am thinking I looked a little stunned, especially when he told me they would be done by lunch time. In my sleep induced brain I thought, well that is impressive for one or two guys!

New sliding doors - French doors you can see are been taken out along with that wall next week

Well with coffee finally in hand and sitting in between my two kids on the sofa, looking through our new sliding doors (put in yesterday) my five year old daughter quickly established for me there were six guys walking around on the roof frame (glad she is more with it then me in the morning) and then proceeded to tell me and Hubby (who had just come out to the kitchen to get the kids breakfast) she wants to put on roofs when she grows up so she can climb like that! While my little boy runs off to get his Bob the Builder tool set so he can maybe help (this is a regular occurrence at the moment, so cute).

Following this we continued to get ready for work and the kids ready for school and kinder hearing thumping overhead, which is a little disconcerting. Not quite as bad as the walls shaking a few days ago though. And I am sort of getting used to having builders around just outside the French doors at the end of the kitchen so they can see the morning scramble and chaos in our house. Still for some reason feel like I need to tidy up so they don't think we are too piggish with dishes everywhere (hard to do on mornings like today when we were running late and sleep deprived).

Anyway I am now getting prepared for the invasion to enter a whole new level next week when they are planning on knocking through into the kitchen / family area and knocking out our existing laundry. This is exciting and I am glad they are moving quickly but a little freaked at the fact that this weekend we need to clean out our kitchen and laundry and be prepared to live in the front of the house for a while. Yikes!

So now home from work and sure enough they have finished the roof.


  1. They sure are quick workers. You must have someone very organised in charge of this rennovation!

  2. If you have the tradies there let them go for it! Sometimes they are hard to get to your site when you want them. Exciting times and hopefully you wont have to live in the front room for too long. Looking forward to more progress shots. ;-)

  3. a big progress! lovely greetings

  4. Georgy, we are looking forward to seeing all of these changes on the 11th next month.

  5. WOW Georgy, what fabulous progress, but definately a hard way to live. Lucky something positive comes from all of these intrusions.
    have a great weekend!


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