Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Loving the moment!

A long weekend in Melbourne and after spending Sunday around the house painting windows we decided the weather too beautiful and with it being a sunny 33 degrees a good time to go to the beach and enjoy.

So we jumped in the car and drove 45 minutes to Mt Martha beach on the Mornington Peninsula to get out of the car and find the temperature had dropped over 10 degrees.

Love the colour of the beach huts

And after 10 minutes on the beach the dark clouds let go and it poured. For a while we just enjoyed running in the rain, the kids laughing as we finally decided to run to the car.

We enjoyed the moment and after seeing more images on the news of Japan (so devastating and heartbreaking, I can no longer watch) later that evening made me really realise how important these moments are to hold on to.

Hope you had a lovely weekend with those you love.


  1. Great sentiments Georgy. Looks and sounds like it was the perfect day!

  2. Gorgoeus beach, we whent on sunday and were happy that it was a top of 22 degrees lol I am finding it hard to remember what being on the beach when its really hot feels like!

  3. That is exactly how I felt after watching the devastation in Japan on TV. The more reasons for us to seize the day! Take care, Kellie xx

  4. yay you were in my neighbourhood.......i pop to the beach no matter what the weather is like i just love it xx


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