Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hallway blue makeover

Those that have read my blog for a while may remember a post I did ohh some four months ago about painting my hallway blue and changing it from the dirty cream it was. Well It took us a while to decide on the blue (British Paints, Distant Shore) and with other continual renovation distractions even longer to paint it.

Love these Paris boxes that a friend bought me from a $2 shop. Great for keeping bit and pieces in. Have even managed to get Hubby to empty his pockets into these when he enters the door.

Now from the images below you can see we still need to paint and decorate the rest of the hallway..............

You can also see the edge of a cupboard door here (our linen cupboard) which you see as soon as you enter the hall. So am thinking of ideas to spruce the doors up.

Hope you have a good weekend, I may even try to finish painting the hall but with the weather so nice here in Melbourne I think I might just get out and about.


  1. What a pretty colour! I think blue will always be my favourite colour.
    I am looking forward to repainting our hallway too, though will have to use a white as the space is so dark. Yours looks so fresh :)

  2. I love blue Georgy. I've got a blue wall in our house which is a similar shade too. I love your picture rails!

  3. Love it Georgy, it makes your entrance very inviting!!

  4. Loving the blue Georgy. Definitely a fresh change, and the Paris boxes are gorgeous and practical! My bedroom is going to be duck egg blue, very calming apparently.
    Rebecca x


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