Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mummy Balancing Act

As some of you know the first blog I attempted was one titled - Mummy Balancing Act which as the title suggests is all about the Mummy juggle of two young children and family, Hubby time, my office job, social life, the renovation and the illusive me time.

Well in the end last year the 'Mummy blog' didn't get much focus and this one became it. Now as part of my resolution to live life in the moment, something which kids are so good at, I have decided to start the Mummy blog again with that as the focus. Please check it out - mummybalancingact.blogspot.comLink


  1. Georgy you know I hear ya!! Balance... wobble.. balance... :) x

  2. The house looks different with the bricks are removed. I am not sure we will recognise it when we next see you.


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