Monday, March 14, 2011

A days work - framing

Friday a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne saw most of our wall frames going up. I couldn't believe how quick it was, in the morning we just had flooring in then went out for an hour came back and saw this.....

The back fourth bedroom or study .....

Then a little later in the day -looking across the family room floor (will be floorboards) extension to the other rooms which include a hall, two bedrooms, laundry and family bathroom....

Looking through the laundry door to side entrance (so happy as got to keep this tree, it was a close call and so now half its original size).....

Looking through the back bedroom / study window from the back of the garden. Plan to put our desk under this window which will look out on a beautiful Orange and Japanese Maple trees.

So tomorrow I think the plan is to put up the family room walls, the room which will eventually join the kitchen (linking the extension to the rest of the house) which is just through the existing French doors. Around this will be a deck. The alfresco undercover deck on the left of the image below which we will be able to walk on through sliding doors which will be put in in place of the existing window you can see and then open deck at the end of the family room space again accessed by double glazed wood sliding doors.


  1. Wow, georgy, that was super fast, wasnt it?! Amazing!! It must be so exciting for you!! Cant wait to see the end results!!
    Laura xxx

  2. This is SO exciting to experience with you!
    Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to see the next part unfold.

    Felicity x

  3. Oh its really starting to take shape now! You must be so excited. ;-)

  4. Good stuff! So exciting to see a big transformation happen right in front of your eyes :-) If only every part of a renovation could happen so fast!

  5. You can walk through the rooms now! Fabulous. Love it when you can picture the furniture in its place. Georgie x

  6. How exciting, you will really be able to visualise the space now. Excellent progress.

  7. VERY exciting! Great progress... you must be so glad the wheels are well and truly in motion.


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