Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have always like the idea of living in more of a cottage style house. Growing up in Adelaide I became a big fan of the blue stone and sandstone cottages.

Image Adelaide property -

In Melbourne you don't really find these so had to adjust to weatherboard and now I have I love it. I did an earlier post showing the brick on our house coming off the back, well now we have taken it off the front the house is starting to get the look I want.

Before - with half brick still on


A clean up, looking at redoing the porch and getting wooden sash windows (maybe lead light) will be the next step. These iron windows we have at the moment are rusty, very thin and I don't like the look.Now for a weekend of painting and cleaning up. What have you got planned? Hope you have a good one.


  1. When I went to Adelaide a few yrs ago I couldn't stop drooling at all the architecture and sandstone. The houses are stunning. I really like Adelaide!
    Wow, what a transformation. Did the real estate agent tell you that there was weatherboard under the brick veneer? It looks like we have very similar aged houses. Ours is late 50's and luckily we still have the original wooden sash windows, even if they do rattle a bit in the wind :)
    Have a great weekend Georgy,

  2. I still can't believe your house was bricked over! It looks so much better with the weatherboard. I like the idea of sash windows too. It is going to look wonderful when you finish! Enjoy the weekend, we are off to the homeshow for ideas and bargains! ;-)

  3. Your house is looking so much better. Can't wait to see it all finished. Keep the photos coming!

  4. Your house looks much nicer without the brick - whoever thought of brick veneer was a wally!

  5. You should see the gorgeous cottage style homes here in Hobart (Sandy Bay, battery point) They are just stunning, so old and full of character, I love it too. I think you have done a great job with the weatherboard though, definately getting the cottage look!

  6. Looking around your blog, Georgy, it's a little bit spooky because I have so many of the things you have featured too. That postcard bookmark (yellow), the Eiffel Tower quilt set I have as a tea towel, Lunch in Paris, mud and the same name, albeit a different spelling! The deck and the weatherboards look great... and I can absolutely identify with all the mud! Georgie x


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