Monday, February 7, 2011

Free day?

My little girl started school today, her very first day of primary school. She was very excited once we were there and she saw her name above a hook to hang her bag on. It helped that one of her closest friends is in her class and so they both walked off without a backward glance. Not as easy for me.

Monday is normally a day I work but I have this week off. Even so my little boy is in creche today as he normally would be so that I can get a few things done. A week ago I was excited about this prospect but when I got home this morning I felt quite sad and the house a little too quite for my liking.

So I pumped up the music and set to work cleaning out our walk in robe which is just filled with bags and piles of clothes. Tomorrow a guy is coming to fit it out properly, can't wait! So hopefully can share some photos tomorrow afternoon.

A postcard I use as a bookmark - it always makes me smile

I have had a coffee with a friend, done some housework and gone for a long walk and it is only 2pm! I am hanging out to go and pick by girl up and hear about her day. Only an hour and a half to go....


  1. Oh a big day for all including Mum! It will all be back to normal at 3pm. Enjoy. ;-)

  2. hope she went well today......and yay for some time to yourself xx

  3. A very big day- I hope it went well. Your ensuite looks great by the way :)
    Ps thanks for your comment about my photos.

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog..I hope your daughter had a great 1st day..xx

  5. Hi Georgy I've had a similar start to the week with one pixies at his grandparents and two at daycare so I'm experiencing my first ever '6 hours without a pixie' in 3 years! And here I am blogging...J x

  6. You have truly inspired me!
    I was into full-blown cleaning mode yesterday and am finding it VERY hard to get going today.

    Thank you for stopping by and reminding me about the magic of music which somehow always gets me going.

    You're a gem!

    Felicity x


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