Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A few finds

I was hoping to show you photos of our new WIR today but alas the guy installing everything rang this morning to say he would be here sometime after 12pm, so I sit here waiting. Don't you love the time windows most trades give!

Anyway instead I thought I would share with you some recent finds, all were on sale.

I have been looking for blue bottles for ages and got this pair for $8 from a little shop in Melbourne CBD called Spoilt.
From the same store I got this great set of three tea light holders. You can get hanging ones to match so might have to go back!

And this Eiffel Tower quilt cover set from Bed, Bath and Table. It goes very well with some other French things in my bedroom. I will show you more photos of the bedroom later when I have managed to clean it out and finish it off. The bedroom is currently full off stuff that needs to go in the WIR, so once that is done!

And great news, our carpenters are locked in for Thursday, so the build of the back extension begins! So glad I am home this week to see it, as normally work Thursdays. I am now taking lots of photos of the back of the house for the before shots.


  1. Oh I love before and after shots, can't wait to see. ;-)

  2. I really like your recent finds Georgy! And you're right the bottles and candle holders would look so nice in my house too :) Pity I'm in Syd and those shops are in Melb...
    I can't wait to see your before and after pics, oh and that quilt cover is SO cute! Love it!

  3. Very exciting, I cant wait to see the photos. There is nothing better than setting up in a new wardrobe, have fun!!!


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